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Nine awesome reasons why you should give your dog or puppy a marrow bone to chew on

Golden labrador sniffs a marrow bone
Finlay the golden labrador chews on a bone

This is Finlay, a beautiful Golden Labrador with his first marrow bone. Marrow bones are known as recreational bones (dogs can't bite into them) and their benefits are awesome. These include:

  • the marrow inside the bone is packed with calcium and nutrients
  • it's mentally stimulating for them to work out how to get it out
  • it's also mentally stimulating when the try to get the remaining meat and sinew off the bone
  • next they start to gnaw on the bone
  • this is Mother Nature's toothbrush one marrow bone a week and you won't need a laughable dog toothbrush and toothpaste!
  • it lets dogs be dogs
  • it gives them hours of safe entertainment
  • when they're gnawing on a bone, they can't be chewing your furniture!
  • gnawing on bones, including air dried bones produces serotonin a calming hormone

Giving your four legged family member a recreational bone once a week is a win, win, win for everyone!

Please get in touch if you'd like further advice on what to feed your dog or discuss other natural treats that will stimulate your dog. 

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Dog with tongue out

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Labrador plays in garden with box