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It's A Dog's Life Blog

This is Finlay, a beautiful Golden Labrador with his first marrow bone.  From keeping your dog's teeth clean to being mentally stimulating, find out why I recommend to all my clients that they give their dog this awesome treat  >>>

Dog with bone

Bonfire Night, Diwali and New Year's Eve, it’s time to think of our four-legged family members as we enter the noisy and sometimes scary fireworks season. Penny at It’s A Dog’s Life shares her top tips for helping your dog overcome the anxiety fireworks can cause >>>

How to stop your dog’s meal from being a complete dogs dinner and give them something they actually like! >>>

Find out why a species-specific natural raw diet is the only way to go! >>>

It's a decision all owners have to make on behalf of their new family member, so which should you choose? Penny, owner of It's A Dog's Life, outlines the pros and cons of both group classes and one to one puppy training >>>

Have a look at some of the adorable dogs It's A Dog's Life has helped to train >>>