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Does your dog enjoy their food? Not if it's kibble!

How to stop your dog’s meal from being a complete dogs dinner and give them something they actually like!

When I go to a client’s home, if they feed their dog kibble, then more often than not their dog’s bowl will have dried food left in it. 

The reason for this is that dogs and puppies don’t really like kibble. It’s completely unsuitable for their bodies and totally alien to how they would have naturally eaten in the wild.

Clean bowls all round: Boo after demolishing her raw, natural dinner

Dogs are designed to bolt their food down as quickly as possible. Unlike humans, dogs do not have any digestive enzymes in their mouths and can't move their jaws from side to side, necessary to grind or chew food. They need to to get food into their stomachs asap, which is where the entire digestive process takes place.

Originally pack animals, another reason dogs are hot-wired to bolt their food is because in nature they would always be in competition with their litter-mates or pack members.

So if your four-legged family member leaves some of their kibble or they don't seem to relish eating then I think it’s time to give them food they actually enjoy. After all, wouldn't you get bored eating dried, unpalatable pellets every day for the rest of your life?

In the video above you can see my English Bull Terrier Boo enthusiastically tucking into her dinner - showing how a dog eats when given natural, biological appropriate food. 

Get in touch for help and advice about your dog's dietary and nutritional needs.