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   it's a dog's life - dog and puppy training

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puppy training

Did you know that like children, puppies have a period during their brain development when they are most impressionable? This critical learning period (also known as imprinting) is five years in children but for puppies it’s a mere first 16 weeks of their life. In these four short months your puppy can learn more than they will in the rest of their lives. Literally every day counts and puppy training should start from the day you bring your new family member home.

I will show you how to teach your puppy the following training techniques - enabling your pup to develop into a well-behaved, well-balanced dog, strongly bonded to you and your family

  • house training
  • basic commands - sit, down, stay, leave and so on
  • crate training

  • recall - to come to you when you call, both at home and during off the lead exercise
  • loose lead walking - no pulling on the lead and dragging you along the street!
  • stop unwanted behavior - such as jumping up at people, mouthing, chewing, biting
  • anxiety**

** Anxiety in puppies is a highly complex issue, and best dealt with early on. If you believe your pet is displaying signs of anxiety or displaying fearful behaviour please don't hesitate to call me >

benefits of one to one puppy training over group classes

Whilst classes have a role to play, for example with socialisation skills, the environment can make some pups anxious and overexcited. Also it’s likely that dogs will be at different levels of obedience, and of course, being in a group there is little time for the instructor to concentrate on individual dogs.

I firmly believe you will find it far, far easier to train your pup, with one to one bespoke coaching tailored to the needs of you, your family and your pup in their home environment.

Furthermore consistency when puppy training is essential, so all members of your family should behave in the same way towards your pup and employ the same training methods both in and outside the house. 

This can't happen in a group environment and space limitations mean that due to the size of halls many classes have to restrict the number of humans accompanying your pup.

Teddy the Jack Russell during puppy training

It's A Dog's Life: Teddy the Jack Russell after a puppy training session with me

planning on getting a puppy? talk to me about my pre puppy arrival service >

read my blog - puppy training: group classes or one to one training? >

pre puppy arrival service and advice​

Are you thinking of getting a puppy? Bringing a puppy into your life, family and home is a big decision and comes with big rewards but there are lots of things to consider. From what to feed your dog to getting your home ready for your new four-legged friend, preparation and good information and advice are key to ensuring a happy, healthy dog and home life.

puppy checklist: what do I need to know before my puppy arrives

Once you've found your puppy I can help you prepare your home and advise on the equipment you might need such as crates, play pens and stimulating toys. Plus, I can advise on vet pet plans and vaccinations, including Lepto 4. We can also discuss the benefits of crate training, whether puppy pads are necessary and how much exercise your puppy will need. And I can help with the most important decision you'll ever make on behalf of your new family member - what to feed him or her! It's A Dog's Life pre puppy arrival service is the perfect way to prepare for your new puppy and lays the foundations for a happy, healthy dog that will be part of your family for years to come. Get in touch to find out more >

puppy socialisation

A puppy's critical socialisation period is the first 12 weeks of their life. They need to be introduced to adult dogs asap so they learn that they cannot play with adults in the same way as they did with their litter mates. And yes puppies can mix with adults before their second vaccination as you can ask family, friends, neighbours etc whose dog's will of course be vaccinated.

customer testimonial

"Penny is a fountain of knowledge and we instantly saw a difference in our 9 week old Cockapoo. We have learnt how to control biting, jumping up and working on obedience training. We literally couldn’t believe how quickly and effective it was to learn clicker training for our puppy. Penny also advised us on the benefits of feeding a raw diet and we’ve already noticed a change in his coat, smell and general well-being. Thank you Penny can’t wait to see you at our next training session."

David - Essex

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