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   it's a dog's life - dog and puppy training

   07711 018804

rescue dog training - helping your rescue puppy or dog settle into their forever home

Penny the dog trainer from It's A Dog's Life with a rescue dog

These very special dogs can come into your life with an unknown background, and sometimes behaviour issues. I will work both with you and your new family member to overcome these and make yours his or her forever home.

I am happy to offer a discounted rate for rescue dogs.

I recently worked with Sneezy (left), a beautiful ex-racing Greyhound from the Greyhound Trust Brentwood. Sneezy's new owners fell in love with her and I'm sure they'll give her a forever home.

Call now to discuss how I can help you and your rescue dog >>>

customer testimonial

"Penny is helping with our nervous rescue dogs and has given us loads of great actionable tips and advice about nutrition, clicker training (which we've had really good results from!) and how to keep our dogs happy and healthy, through both physical and mental exercise. She has a huge wealth of experience working with different types of dogs, which has come across in our sessions. She's given us all the tools we need to continue to build our dogs' confidence through positive training. Thank you so much!"

Kirstie, Chelmsford