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customer testimonials

We're so happy we found Penny! At the appointment she followed all social distancing guidelines as well as wearing her mask and sanitising her hands. We learnt about our dog Kola's diet and nutrition which we didn't even know could've been affecting her behaviour! Penny also went through basic commands and recall and Kola has already improved. I couldn't recommend Penny enough! Adam and I are so glad we found her! Cannot wait for Kola's follow up!

Sam and Adam, Essex

Penny was warm, friendly and full of lots of information and tips for training our new puppy. We have seen a huge difference in just a few days and highly recommend It's A Dog's Life to anyone wanting to learn how to train a dog/puppy. 

Josh - Essex

It's A Dog's Life gave us some brilliant dog training advice and guidance for our six month old Golden Retriever. Everything from clicker training to dietary needs, Penny was very engaging with us and with Rio our dog, resulting in him learning very quickly.

Olivia and family - Essex

Our unruly little puppy had behaviour issues and separation anxiety, seemed impossible to toilet train and had already chewed up all of our furniture! After only one session, we were left the right tools and tricks to train her and also the confidence to do so on our own, letting us bond with our puppy in new ways and feel a great sense of achievement. Penny took us through 'click training', and the best kinds of treats and toys to stimulate our pup, as well as revamping her whole diet in order to help with both behavioural and digestive issues. Penny provided us with all the tools and literature that we could need, and made our lives so much easier all around! We cannot recommend 'It's A Dog's Life' highly enough! Thank you, Penny!

Daniel, Essex

We had a great session with Penny. Her advice on nutrition and exercise has made a huge difference to our puppy's behaviour and we got so many good tips. Using the advice we were given, we've also been able train our puppy in all the areas we wanted too. Would really recommend Penny to anyone looking for great practical advice and training tips.

Shellly and family - Great Baddow, Essex

Penny is amazing. I was at such a loss and not coping very well at all with my new puppy. I was constantly thinking 'what have I done here', 'why can’t I cope' - I couldn’t understand why my puppy would never listen to me and was in tears more than I was enjoying him. Then along came Penny – GAME CHANGER. I now have a new pup on my hands – we still have a long way to go but I have definitely turned a corner with my new clicker. Penny’s knowledge is invaluable – she really does know her stuff. Training doesn’t just end either – Penny follows up, and is happy to answer all other questions. I definitely recommend Penny – money well spent. I will follow up with further training once my puppy can get out and about.

Karen - Essex

Penny is amazing! She has extensive knowledge of dog training and dog nutrition and we were in awe listening to her and all of her tips/tricks. We switched our pup Opie (right) straight away to a raw diet and after 24 hours already noticing a huge difference. 

Penny was highly informative and made it very easy to absorb everything she was saying. We’ve already recommended Penny to our friends and family! We would say that the whole experience with Penny from start to finish was entirely worth the time and money and we have learnt so much from her. She made us feel completely comfortable moving forward raising our puppy and to top it off she makes herself available for any questions you may have after which is invaluable. 

We’ll definitely be taking our puppy Opie to the agility sessions at Hylands Park when they are up and running again. We couldn’t ask for more so thanks for doing an amazing job, Penny!

Becky - Essex

puppy training: Penny with 10 week old Cocker Spaniel, Opie

We have a 4 month old mini schnauzer girl. Our main concerns were regarding leash walking, jumping up at people/furniture and excessive biting.

Penny firstly did a thorough consultation regarding her nutrition, behaviour, lifestyle etc. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she shared with us in abundance.

Through the consultation Penny also made us aware that our little girl is starting to show the first signs of separation anxiety. She told us how to address it in a positive way sooner than later.

After the consultation Penny introduced us to the clicker training method and showed us how to address all the behaviour issues we have, but she also explained and showed us what to do to prevent any behavioural issues in the future.

Penny gave us expert advice on on Bella's nutrition, which was also a real eye opener. She explained so much about the nutritional value of foods we find on the shelves these days and we have learnt so much.

We have now changed Bella's diet, which indeed makes her a much happier and it definitely affects her behaviour. She seems much calmer and well behaved. So grateful that our Bella gets the nutrition she actually needs that is healthy, delicious and will prolong her life.

Penny comes highly recommended. Penny is very knowledgeable, experienced, passionate, caring and her training methods is very effective and enjoyable for Bella and us. It was worth every penny.

Elisma - Great Baddow

'Much calmer and well behaved': Bella the Mini Schnauzer during one to one dog training with Penny

Find out more about one to one dog training >

Penny helped a lot with training us and our two, four year old, whippets. Her friendly and enthusiastic ways have already made walking the dogs calm and enjoyable - rather than being pulled from tree to tree and barking at other dogs. We highly recommend Penny - she really knows her stuff.

Grace - Essex

Five stars. We would highly recommend Penny. After giving up hope on our boy's excessive barking and not knowing how to stop him we decided to call Penny. She spent the afternoon with us and after she left we saw improvements with his barking and his behaviour. We booked in to see Penny again over at Hylands Park with both our dogs for some more training and agility course and they absolutely loved it! Again, cannot recommend Penny enough!

Becki and Karl - Maldon, Essex

Happy family: After Penny's help Ruby the Labrador is house trained and comes back every time when called

Can I say a massive thank you for your help and advice at our family training session. Ruby has changed so much, a lot less biting and a lot more obedient. She has had her first off lead in the park session and I’m pleased to say she came back every time. With regard to house training we had our first clean night last night. We are looking forward to coming to one of your sessions in Hylands very soon.

Debbie, Paul, Adam and Jay - Boreham, Essex

Penny has been a God send with our new puppy Lexi, giving us very good advice on how to train her and stop her persistent biting. She is a totally different puppy now. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Christine - Chelmsford, Essex

Not only is Penny a lovely, personable lady, she also worked wonders with training us to get the most out of our new pup Maggie and older dog Kenny. We couldn’t be happier with the results and we feel lucky to have met Penny. Her knowledge and expertise with all things canine are amazing and we and the pups are happier and more confident to give things a go!

Val - Whitham, Essex

It’s a Dog’s Life - highly recommend and well worth the money. Very personable service, we feel Penny really understood what support and info we required and she worked amazingly with our puppy who is very shy. Penny installed confidence in us being first time puppy owners and gave us the tools to lead our dog to a well trained lifestyle.

Penny’s years of experience transpires when she demonstrates training with your pet and I only wish we asked her to visit sooner. You can really see she’s in this for the love of dogs!

Penny also follows up with useful guides/links and messages. I had a tough morning getting Milo to settle, and Penny offered great support over the phone - super grateful! Look forward to booking agility classes soon. Thanks Penny!

Aaron, Natalie & Milo - Colchester, Essex

Contact It's A Dog's Life and find out how Penny can help you and your dog >

Penny came to my family to help with our new Tibetan Terrier puppy, Bonnie. She was a great help and explained her training techniques to myself, husband and 12 year old son.

She made it look very easy but explained well that things would change and improve with a little hard work from our side. She spent a long time with us, not leaving until she was happy that we understood everything.

Penny also gave us some very valuable advice, including the fact that puppies tend not to be deliberately “naughty”, they are just bored and looking for attention! With that in mind we now take her out for longer walks and have a much calmer puppy.

Bonnie is responding well to the clicker technique that Penny showed us and my kids love helping me and passing Bonnie the treats when she does as she is told. We have a much happier puppy, therefore giving us a much happier and less hectic home!!

I would very much recommend Penny to come and help you train your dog. 

Lucy McCann - Chelmsford

We wanted to get on top of our pup's play biting before it became a problem. Despite doing everything we'd read in training books etc. it was getting worse. We are so glad we called Penny! Within days we saw a huge improvement and on top of the great advice re. biting, Penny spent time discussing nutrition and introducing us to clicker training. I'll never train a dog without a clicker again, results have been really impressive. Great value for money and a brilliant trainer. Highly recommend.

Luke - Brentwood, Essex

Penny was great when she came to visit us and our dog Rupert. She shared with us a wealth of knowledge on how to address certain behavioural issues, introduced us to clicker training, gave diet advise and introduced us to the halti lead which improved our walks almost instantly.

Since our meet Penny has kept in touch and we are looking forward to attending some obedience training in the new year.

I would highly recommend Penny to anyone looking for help with their dog, we have seen great improvements in such a short space of time. Thank you Penny

Sally - Billericay

After meeting Penny, training our Tibetan Terrier pup has become so much clearer and effective. Her advice focuses on consistency and a whole family strategy.

Penny spent over 2 hours with us until we felt confident following the ideas and training commands she had suggested. Through modelling and detailed explanation, Penny was able to put us on a positive path, on which we are now further along.

Within the first few days we started to see huge improvements with walking on the lead and recall. I cannot recommend her enough.

Louise Sage - Chelmsford

Dear Penny, I would like to thank you for our consultation re our naughty Yuki white German shepherd. The advice you gave was invaluable and walking without being pulled over is now a regular. Yuki is much better behaved and recall is excellent as well. I would highly recommend your services to other dog owners. A massive thank you to you.

Pippa and family

Dear Penny, I am writing to say how impressed we were with our visit from you. Our life with Blu has changed so much after your visit.

You have put us on the right track to making our lives and Blu's so much better. We used to dread taking him out although we knew we had to but with the halti that you advised us on he is absolutely brilliant to walk.

He is taking notice of the commands which are now in place. I would like to say I can't recommend you enough. Once again thank you so much.

Lisa and Andy - Ingatestone

Penny was absolutely amazing! We called Penny after a couple of issues with our puppy and we thought we’d tried everything. Within a few hours of Penny leaving we had a much calmer and content boy.

We are now on day 5 and it’s like we have a completely different dog!

Everything has been so much easier, we are enjoying him like we should now and most importantly we have a very happy puppy! Thank you Penny!

Bobbie - Colchester, Essex

Hi Penny, It was lovely meeting you too. Thanks for all the really positive information, it's like having a magic wand. They have both got it really quickly. I got them a frisby that lights up, which is two fold, they have learnt to run after it and bring it back for their reward, plus lots of exercise. The halti works like magic, Ben has got it really quickly and he was the one who pulling, Belle is walking nicely on the lead. They love the antler chews, and I bought a small body bag for their treats plus using the clicker it is all working well. Looking forward to the 10th, thanks again Penny.

Sylvie - Ongar

So glad we gave Penny a call. We had a new little German Shepherd 8 weeks old and knew we has to set the ground rules from the off. Penny came and shared her knowledge with my husband and I, and now little Rosie is thriving! She loves training and enjoys doing it!

Carly - Chelmsford

Penny spent quality time with us. She had Basil literally eating out of her hand and her advice has been beneficial.

Scott - Ingatestone, Essex

Even though we only saw Penny twice she massively helped by training us on how to get our 7 month old toy poodle Lola to stop jumping up, stay, wait and do recall consistently. Penny's practical yet effective approach are testament to the fact we only had to see her twice. We would highly recommend her and are delighted with the quick results.

Clare & John - Southend

Penny is amazing! In the two sessions we had with her, our loveable but misbehaving Boxer, Stevie, has learned to come when called and will stop on command even when he sees other dogs! At the first session she took the time to discuss all parts of Stevie's life and her recommendations meant that from the very next day Stevie was already better behaved. I would recommend Penny 100%.

Nishma - Chelmsford, Essex

I was having behavioral problems with my young Bully (English Bull Terrier) Doris, whose barking was annoying not just us, but the neighbours as well! She was also anxious and jumped at us and visitors, so we asked Penny to help us.

Penny asked for the whole family including the children to be there for the consultation. We were very impressed with the time she took to understand how the family operated and how Doris fitted in. We explained the problems we were having and Penny came up with clear, positive advice as to how to resolve them ourselves. We are delighted with the results and things are improving by the day.

We’ve arranged to meet Penny again in a park, so she can help us with recall. I would highly recommend Penny’s services and thought the fee was more than worth the money.

Jane - Chelmsford, Essex

Hi Penny! Thanks for the list and attachment.

Milly is doing so much better. She is going for a wee outside and I’m still doing the lead and treats as you showed us. She is a clever girl she waits for me to get the bag of treats to take in the garden before she lifts her bottom off the ground!

I bought new toys as you suggested and have been playing tug of war with them both and they love it. I now call Milly off of Buster distracting her with a toy and it works every time. I’ve not had to shut her out yet so it’s all great! Thank you so much. If you can let me know when your classes are and where abouts that would be great!

Dee - Basildon

Penny was great when she came to visit us and our dog Rupert. She shared with us a wealth of knowledge on how to address certain behavioural issues, introduced us to clicker training, gave diet advise and introduced us to the halti lead which improved our walks almost instantly.

Since our meet Penny has kept in touch and we are looking forward to attending some obedience training in the new year.

I would highly recommend Penny to anyone looking for help with their dog, we have seen great improvements in such a short space of time. Thank you Penny!

Sally - Billericay

My husband and I bought a Miniature Dachshund puppy and knowing how stubborn the breed can be, we thought we should try to train him as early as possible. We found Penny online, arranged a home visit and during the first session, Penny sat with us and spent a lot of time trying to understand both ours and Henry's habits before starting the practical training.

As we started the training when Henry was only 4 months old, our initial aim was to master some basic obedience (walking on the lead/sit/recall/toilet training) and most importantly, to get him out of the habit of playful biting. With good, sound advice, we have made so much progress with Henry!

Many thanks to Penny for providing us with the expertise and techniques to work with Henry and for the ongoing support. We would highly recommend Penny to anyone looking for an experienced and helpful dog trainer!

Charlotte & Joe - Chigwell

What would we do without Penny? She was incredibly helpful to us as first time dog owners with a very boisterous puppy. She showed us how to effectively use clicker training and made us a plan tailored to our puppy, covering her training and diet. Things are going very well and Penny is always on hand to check in and make sure everything is okay.

Issac - Chelmsford

Penny came highly recommended and I can see why. In one morning she has worked wonders with both us and our rescue dog. I feel much better equipped to work with our dog, and would not hesitate to call her again as and when we need more help.

Marrianne - Chelmsford

What an eye opener Penny was when she came to see us about our dog Bailey. She was open and honest and made us see where we were going wrong. We have total faith in her methods and everything she said made perfect sense. We are booked to meet her at Hylands for an obedience/agility session to show her how Bailey has progressed using the clicker method that she showed us. If you need help with your beloved dog then don't hesitate to contact Penny.

Suzanne - Basildon

I would like to thank you Penny for the help and support that you’ve given me concerning my new puppy ‘Bear’. Bear was becoming hard to be around as his biting was becoming unbearable. My son had found you on the internet and thank god he did. You worked wonders on him. He’s a pleasure to be around and to play with now.

You’ve followed up with text messages and emails of support and information on foods, techniques and educational links for information with dealing with puppies. You’ve helped me buy the correct size and helped fit Bear with his halite (head collar) and seat belt harness and now we are going to carry on with obedience training which I am very much looking forward to. Thank you again.

Carla - Colchester

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